Matthew Gabriel Wagner is an actor/ television editor based in the Dallas Area. Matthew was introduced to the entertainment industry through local theatre. Matthew is currently studying at the Art Institute of Dallas where he picked up skills in the areas of video editing and compositing. Now working freelance in the fields of acting, directing, musical scoring, editing, and visual effects; Matthew has garnered a reputation of being a very versatile professional.
Matthew spent most of his life living in Chicago and abroad in Scandinavia, where he developed an interest in filmmaking. Upon settling in Dallas, Texas, Matthew began to pursue a career in acting, getting involved in local theatre. After being seen in such plays as "Charley's Aunt", "Seven Keys to Baldpate", and "Dracula" Matthew began to transition into stage management and eventually into onscreen performance. Through his college studies, Matthew broadened his field into post production, gaining valuable experience in both editing and visual effects. Now, Matthew's work can be seen on KTXD's "The Car Guy Show" where he works as lead editor. Matthew Gabriel Wagner is multifaceted filmmaker and has proved to be a valuable asset both on set and in the cutting room.